Antiques and youngens

So it turns out that antiques are actually pretty cool.Granted there a bit old and it’s a bit hard to tell what makes them so special but it is undeniable that through the charm and wit of television shows such as the Antiques Roadshow, the possession and collection of antiques is a passion that transcends many definitions of a hobby.

That’s what I reckon and Clare Fetherston, Nicole Stagg and I are going to show people why a younger breed of antiquity experts should shine through and carry on with the noble tradition. We decided on this theme from a common interest shared by us all on the topic of the previously mentioned television show and it’s impact on our everyday routine as an unmissable cultural immersion.

The Multimedia Slide show we wish to create is an educational and inspiring glimpse into the world of antiquities and the people that give gravitas to the profession and even obsession. With this in mind, we aim to filter our material into a generally factual insight into the benefits and possibilities associated with antiquity collection by a younger generation. According to Hollie Davis and Andrew Richmond, there are ten “top” reasons why young people should buy antiques ranging from the simplicity of a sense of pride all the way to the apparent reality of cheap “op shopping.”

The main element of the multimedia slide show’s production effort will take place at The A.C.T’s Autumn Antiques and Collectables Fair this weekend. For those who don’t know what an antiques fair looks like well here is a small example form the Round Lakes Antiques Festival:

Imagery and sound will play an extremely important role in the production of this multimedia slide-show. Many of the still images will be of antiques themselves and others will be of collectors, valuers, sellers, enthusiasts, young people etc.

Sound will be the major feature of the show. The main feature will be the main theme of the Antiques Roadshow combined with some traditional British orchestral music and the theme to the BBC’s popular and extremely notable, Keeping Up Appearances.

At worst, we are confident that we will inspire ourselves to get into the sphere of antique collection. At best, everyone, especially the youngens will learn the true value of the nobility and dare I say, fun associated with the world of antiques.


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